What plant can "seize" the largest area?

Banyan (Indian fig tree), which grows in India and Pakistan, begins its life as an epiphyte (a small plant that lives on another tree). As he grows up, he produces tree-like roots that resemble trunks of trees. Over time, the banyan covers a large area and looks like a whole grove of independent trees. One 200-year-old specimen occupies an area of ​​412 square meters and has 100 individual "trunks" and 1,775 supporting roots. Banyan is not the only tree with "invading" inclinations. Aspen shivering, multiplying lateral shoots, can also form a whole grove of trees, connected by common roots under the ground. One such ash-tree grove in the United States is 43 hectares, and the total weight of all trees is 6 tons.

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